Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets
Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets

Foodie - 25 LUTs and Lightroom Presets

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Ideal for food photography. This pack of LUTs and Lightroom presets will enhance and make your food photos look even more delicious. The colors are carefully shifted to create more appetizing food photos.

Key Features

  • Basil, lettuce and other greens are shifted towards teal giving it a rustic look. This also reduces yellows to make green produce look fresher.
  • Tomatoes, strawberries and other red produce are enhanced to make food more appealing.
  • 3D color grading that cannot be replicated with Lightroom settings.
  • Skin protected presets* are calibrated to retain more skin tones. 
  • Speed-optimized presets* render fast - even on phones.

Lightroom CC Presets

Many developers still sell outdated legacy presets. Here at Best Luts, you'll only get new Lightroom CC presets made with custom profiles.

The Lightroom presets are also natively compatible with Lightroom for iOS or Android. They render fast - even when you're editing on your phone.

No Creative Cloud subscription? Use the included DNG Lightroom mobile presets and install them directly to your phone.

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Color Grading
2D Settings

3D Profiles
Speed ⭐⭐
Lightroom Classic CC ✔️ ✔️
Lightroom CC ✔️ ✔️
Lightroom Mobile ✔️ ✔️
Lightroom Mobile (No CC Subscription) ✔️ ✔️
LUTs ✔️
Opacity Slider ✔️
3D Skin Tone Protection ✔️
Nondestructive Workflow ✔️

Included With LUTs

  • 25 LUTs (3dl, cube, look, and mga formats)
  • 25 Open Broadcaster Software LUTs
  • 25 Skin Protected LUTs (3dl, cube, look, and mga formats)
  • 25 Skin Protected Open Broadcaster Software LUTs

Included With Lightroom CC Presets

  • 25 Lightroom CC presets
  • 25 Lightroom Mobile presets
  • 25 DNG Lightroom Mobile Presets (no subscription required!)
  • 25 Lightroom Classic CC presets
  • 25 Photoshop/ACR presets
  • 25 Skin Protected Lightroom CC presets
  • 25 Skin Protected Lightroom Mobile presets
  • 25 Skin Protected DNG Lightroom Mobile Presets (no subscription required!)
  • 25 Skin Protected Lightroom Classic CC presets
  • 25 Skin Protected Photoshop/ACR presets
  • Best LUTs Toolkit

Compatible Software

Mac OSX and Windows Devices

Adobe Premiere Pro CC | Adobe After Effects CC | Final Cut X 10+ | Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve | The Foundry Nuke | Sony Vegas | Wondershare Filmora | Avid Media Composer | CyberLink ColorDirector | Adobe Photoshop CC 2019+ | Adobe Lightroom CC 2019+ | Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019+ | Adobe Camera Raw 11+

iOS Devices

Adobe Lightroom CC | LumaFusion | Video LUT

Android Devices

Adobe Lightroom CC

* Skin tone protection technology developed by VOXCOLOR. Speed-optimized by VOXCOLOR.

** No Adobe Creative Cloud subscription required to use the DNG Lightroom presets. DNG presets do not support the opacity/amount slider. To use the real Lightroom mobile presets with opacity support, you'll need a Lightroom CC trial or a paid Adobe Creative Cloud membership.